Health & Safety

SPS Facilities is a facilities maintenance Company committed to the continual improvement of Occupational Health and Safety that we provide, to meet the needs of our staff, clients and the public.

The Management of SPS Facilities recognises that the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees is of primary importance and ranks it equally with all other financial and operational considerations.

Through the implementation of this policy SPS aims to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable, that our clients, our employees and the public are safe from injury and risk to health that may arise in the course of SPS Facilities conducting its business operations. Furthermore, SPS Facilities has implemented a number of initiatives to promote and facilitate employees’ wellbeing where ever possible, both inside and outside of work. This will be achieved by striving to continually improve our health and safety systems and practices, and by comparing those against industry standards.

To this end SPS Facilities has adopted  ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System – Requirements as a basis for its OHSM System.

Safety Training

Our safety training is based on the Actrua philosophies that promote a zero-harm belief. Using a highly interactive and engaging format, the programs are tailored to be applicable to all team levels and types.

These include global executive teams, new project teams, and well-established teams. We have actively worked on developing our leaders so that they can drive cultural change by ensuring they are personally committed to building a safety performance culture.

Quality Management

At SPS we are committed to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet the customer’s needs.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability at the lowest possible cost. To do this we have introduced:

  • Scheduled site quality inspections by our managers with our clients;
  • Scheduled internal auditing to assess performance; and
  • A self-assessment audit program to ensure we do what we say and that it meets or exceeds the requirements of legislation as well as any other requirements that we may subscribe to.

SPS is proactive in pursuing quality objectives in all of our business activities through our continuous improvement and future focus programs.

To this end, SPS has adopted ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – as a basis for its own Quality Management System (QMS)

Ongoing Development

SPS Facilities have always placed great emphasis on the importance of both staff training and ongoing development. SPS Facilities have recognised in building our competency in these two key areas that training focuses on the job orientated processes whereas development is more focused on the career orientation process for our teams.

Having operated for over 30 years and having established robust training procedures SPS has ensured that we have been able to retain top talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, improve productivity, deliver, and exceed our client’s expectations and grow our business. Our training policy and procedures do demonstrate the importance that SPS Facilities places on training for all staff from our cleaning crew members through to the executive management level.

An example of our training policy and procedures begins with both the company induction and safety training that a new member of staff receives when starting with SPS Facilities.