SPS has been delivering exemplary cleaning services to its clients since 1990. We are able to generate a cleaning solution that meets your specific needs via an established specification or one that we can generate in consultation with you to meet all stakeholders needs. Industries we service include but are not limited to;.

Commercial Sites

Educational Sites

Mining Sites including Crew Quarters

Periodic Services

Industrial Sites

HealthCare Sites

Waste Management & Recycling

SPS Can offer a full range of periodic services including but not limited to;

  • Carpet And Chair Shampooing,
  • Carpet Steaming
  • Stripping And Sealing Hard Floors,
  • Machine Scrubbing Hard Floor Surfaces,
  • Internal And External Window
  • Cleaning of High- And Low-Rise Buildings,
  • External Building Washes,
  • Deep Cleaning of Bathrooms,
  • Deep Cleaning of Kitchens


Good hygiene solutions can maintain our health and protect us from different diseases which may cause by unhygienic food, locations, or germ-infested activities. Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean prevents us from viruses and bacterial infections. For example, when we wash our hands regularly it means we stop spreading germs.
If we understand why good hygiene is important it allows us all to have better health.

There are many issues that we can solve by adopting good Hygiene practices. Our kids can learn and adopt good habits when they see their elders doing these kinds of activities which give the lesson of cleanliness and purity. In Australia and NZ, we have pretty good public hygiene measures, like safe water, the removal of waste garbage and sewage. Improvements in living conditions have also played a huge part in decreasing infectious diseases. Australian regulations also help ensure good hygiene practices in commercial establishments, as well as in manufacturing and agriculture.

For everyone, our first demand should be working and living in a germ-free environment. We can then all understand the importance that when you practice good hygiene both personally and in a work environment then you perform healthily and feel better mentally.


Although regular grounds maintenance is a great way to keep your grounds looking neat and tidy, it is a lot more than just appearance.

Regular grounds maintenance helps to keep your site clear and maintain the highest level of safety, protecting your clients, visitors and staff from accidents and injuries from things such as loose paving, slippery surfaces and other risks that occur when outdoor areas are left uncared for.

Through simply implementing regular and effective grounds maintenance services, this can give you peace of mind and ensure you are in line with all health and safety guidelines.

Your premises are an essential part of your business; it’s where your staff come to work, your clients and prospects come to visit you and is the hub of everything that goes into your business, so maintaining it both structurally and aesthetically is imperative.

Any work you have done on your site to improve both how it looks and functions is an investment. Whether that is an entire refurbishment of your site to keep it modern and in line with your brand and image, or simply having a new car park laid to facilitate more spaces.

Regular grounds maintenance helps to protect this investment, keeping these new features clean and well maintained, preventing any potential damage and increasing its life, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Pest Control

The importance of pest control is an issue of better health and safety.

Do not fall for the myth that only people who do not clean properly will get roaches, ants, mice or rats, fleas, and ticks.

Even places that are clean and neat can become overrun with pests from time to time, depending on the weather. One example of this would be during a very hot summer when flea population becomes extremely large you could find fleas in a public building such as a courthouse.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they should deal with a pest problem only when they see evidence of it. However, pests may start infesting your home long before you ever see them. They need to be controlled because a small infestation can quickly become a much bigger problem.

Why is pest control important?

Pest control is important to:

Keep disease from spreading

Not being bit by pests that could cause medical issues

Project Services

At SPS Facilities we also provide Project Services where we will support the safe, efficient delivery of projects of all sizes. SPS has the ability to carry out project delivery from inception to completion. This can include projects from minor building refurbishments through to landscaping and office fit-outs. SPS works with customers to make sure they achieve the right result to meet their needs.

Covid Cleaning

As your commercial cleaning service provider, SPS is committed to providing a safe environment for our frontline team members and delivering business continuity for our clients by providing extra disinfectant cleaning services.

SPS has conducted Biohazard training for frontline staff who are delivering disinfectant and forensic cleans, including the proper use and disposal of PPE.


Commercial painting has its unique challenges and finding a contractor who is up to the challenge is not always easy. Choosing a qualified contractor is the only way you can ensure on-time project completion within budget, and without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

At SPS , we know there’s much more to commercial painting than applying a coat of paint. We recognise the importance of project planning, understanding our customer needs, good communication, and being professional on-site. From schools and healthcare facilities to offices and body corporates, our commercial painting teams are committed to giving you the best results.

Our painting and decorating services are provided by our experienced trades team. We are a painting and decorating company who listen to our customers and deliver our commercial painting services with the full understanding and knowledge of what is important to you.
We provide the Project management and site team with the appropriate skills and experience to meet your demands, from general redecoration to providing specialised products to meet the environment.

As experienced commercial painters, we can help with specification, colour choice, and finish. Together with our technical expertise we can provide you with the ideal painting and decorating solution to meet your expectations, budgets, and maintenance life cycle.