We operate with a keen awareness of sustainability. Our proactive, positive action focuses on conservation or change so we meet present needs without costing the environment or society its future.

SPS is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and has achieved third-party certification for its Environmental Management System (ISO 14001). It is SPS’s objective to prevent pollution, provide safe working and living environments, and protect the health and safety of the facility occupier and users, and our employees.

In order to achieve these goals SPS:

  • Introduced the TopCat auditing system thereby substantially reducing the need for paper
  • Considers the environmental implications of all purchasing and investment decisions
  • Ensures employees and suppliers with whom our Company engages are aware of our commitment to the environment and encourage them to apply similar standards
  • Complies with all environmental regulatory requirements
  • Has established procedures for investigating and reporting any environment-related incidents (e.g., chemical spills) to ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken and to prevent similar incidents from recurring
  • Provides all necessary training to our staff in regard to any environmental initiatives.
  • Monitors the environmental performance of individual contracts against Company standards.
  • Conducts an annual audit program to assess the effectiveness of our environmental management systems and procedures
  • Recognises and communicates to all Company employees the fact that care for the environment is the responsibility of all. To this end, SPS endeavours to foster a culture of environmental care amongst all employees.

As part of SPS’s approach to improving our environmental performance, we have recently implemented several initiatives that eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals and cleaning solutions that contain components that are environmentally harmful e.g., phosphate-based cleaning agents. SPS has conducted testing of several new cleaning products (e.g., electronically charged water, microfibre, certified environmentally friendly chemicals) at a number of different worksites e.g., Joint Contact Centre (5 Star Green Building), plus a number of other healthcare and office environments.

Our testing has resulted in SPS rolling out the use of the Smart Clean Green range of cleaning solutions. The Smart Clean Green brand is Good Environmental Choice Australia (“GECA”) tested and certified.

Other specific initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction of a carbon-neutral footprint with all SPS emissions being offset by the planting of trees (certificate attached)
  • The movement towards SPS Offices becoming a paperless work environment where the use of paper has been greatly reduced by converting documents into a digital format
  • Recycle of SPS Offices paper, photocopier cartridges, cardboard, and other waste within our head office
  • Solar power in place in our head office, paying for all our power used as well as having enough to put some back into the grid.
  • Converted across to full LED lighting in our office
  • Moving across to a paperless environment
  • Have in place electric vehicle docking stations in place for our electric vehicles
  • We record the energy, waste, water, and fuel (for vehicles) we use and then analyse and offset the carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral.
  • We actively participate in on-site client initiatives as well as our own internal initiatives such as turning off lights when not in use,
  • Consider end-of-life outcomes through all purchasing decisions.

SPS is proud to have held third party certification in this area for over 15 continuous years.