1Hub Technology

Our company innovations are industry-leading; we are motivated to embrace change and new technology. We know that better ways of doing things are constantly being developed and refined and we want to keep up with the latest and greatest industry standards. This not only includes the latest equipment and product trends but also how can we assist our customers in managing external contracts through applications.

As such, we have developed an application 1Hub that all our employees and clients can engage with. This application allows clients to see works in progress, completed tasks, pending tasks and incorporates GPS tracking to see where crew members are at any given time. Within the app, crew members use a ‘covid-friendly’ virtual sign-in book, and the app is also configured so that task completion is mandatory; crew members cannot progress to other tasks and activities until the active task is complete.

1Hub also aids in our contract management, as we can see where additional labour resources may be required and draw on our extensive resource pool to redirect equipment and personnel if necessary.

Through the generation of real-time data, we can increase reporting accuracy and collate data into meaningful progress reports for our clients.

1Hub is just another way we set the standard in facility maintenance services. Communication is key to making sure we are in alignment when it comes to what our client’s facilities needs. With over 30 years of experience, SPS facilities have learned a lot about what our clients need and how we can deliver. 1Hub is just another element that sets us apart from our competitors.