Technology and Innovation

SPS Facilities places great value in the transparency able to be offered to our customers through technology. IT Infrastructure provides avenues whereby our customers, staff and Management Team are living in real time management of the services being provided across your assets.

We welcome you to talk to us about 1hub – SPS Facilities modern digital business platform that will provide transparency, resource utilisation and an integration point between assets (structural and people), clients and essential business processes. 1Hub provides a re-imagined User Experience and innovation. The system provides on-boarding, time and attendance, real time tracking with visibility by employee and site location, compliance management and direct payroll integration modules. 1Hub has been customised to streamline SPS business processes and reduce complexity and eliminate single silo information hubs. It provides real time access to client’s on-site expectations for our crew members to ensure a seamless service delivery is provided. Additionally access to instantaneous analytics for performance measurement is available across the platform. We view 1Hub as the future of SPS Facilities and the advantage for our Business Partners and Customers.

Quality and Business Management System

Quality processes underpins success. Our Quality Management System complies with ISO standards and has been developed to be a useful document by which we operate. Ongoing improvements occur in this space and our QMS system is a living document, in which all SPS Management utilise. It allows us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers. SPS is proud to have held third party certification in this area for over 15 continuous years.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

SPS Facilities holds the safety of all of our stakeholders as a priority. By promoting safe work methods, aligned with legislation, our safety first culture works. Our risk and hazard identification and elimination strategies are communicated through all mediums to ensure safety is at the forefront of all work performed by SPS Facilities crew and contractors. Close management and investigation of all incidents provides avenues for prevention and improvement.